Toxicroak, #454 – Toxic Mouth Pokémon

It has a poison sac at its throat. When it croaks, the stored poison is churned for greater potency. Its knuckle claws secrete a toxin so vile that even a scratch could prove fatal.

Type: Poison/Fighting

Category: Toxic Mouth

Ability: Dry Skin, which reduces HP if it’s hot and water restores HP. Or Anticipation, which senses an opposing Pokemon’s dangerous moves.

Hidden Ability: Poison Touch, which may poison a target when the Pokemon makes contact.

Weaknesses: Psychic, Flying and Ground

Resistances: Fighting, Rock, Bug, Dark, Poison and Grass

Immunity: None

Evolution: Toxicroak evolves from Croagunk starting at level 37.

Height: 4′ 03″ Weight: 97.9 lbs


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