Pokémon the Series: XYZ, Set 2 out now on DVD

The wait is officially over for Pokémon the Series: XYZ, Set 2, which is now available on DVD at various retailers for $24.98, including Best Buy, f.y.e., RightStuf, Target and Walmart. This new set’s official product description is as follows:

Follow Ash, Pikachu, and their friends as their journey comes to an exciting conclusion in the Kalos region! The unusual bond between Ash and Greninja is on full display in Ash’s final Gym battle. Then, that bond becomes the talk of the Kalos League when Ash goes up against his rivals Sawyer and Alain!

Next, Clemont introduces our heroes to his favorite event, the Gadget Festival, and Serena steps up to help a new friend when danger threatens Lumiose City. And the friendship between Bonnie and her strange little companion, Squishy, is tested when Team Flare strikes! This set includes 24 episodes on 3 DVD discs.

Release February 6, 2018
UPC 7-82009-24476-9
ISBN-13 7-82009-24476-9
Trim Size 5 1/2 × 7
Category TV Series

Age Rating TV-Y7

Source: VIZ Media


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