Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special is now playing on the Pokémon TV app and website

Join Alain, Mairin, and their Pokémon on a quest to master the secrets of Mega Evolution on Pokémon TV.

Explore the true power of Mega Evolution with an epic animated adventure on Pokémon TV! Follow along as the four-part Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special tracks the journey of an ambitious Trainer named Alain and his partner, Charizard, as they battle powerful Trainers and Pokémon. They aim to learn the secrets of Mega Evolution—and to defeat every Mega-Evolved Pokémon they can find!

They aren’t alone in their travels, as novice Trainer Mairin and her Chespin, nicknamed Chespie, decide to tag along. Tune in to see the exciting adventures in store for this unlikely group! Remember, you can watch Pokémon TV here on Pokemon.com or on the Pokémon TV mobile app. Either way, you won’t want to miss seeing how the Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special journey plays out!

Source: Pokemon.com


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