Gigalith, #526 – Compressed Pokémon

The solar rays it absorbs are processed in its energy core and fired as a ball of light. Compressing the energy from its internal core lets it fire off an attack capable of blowing away a mountain.

Type: Rock

Category: Compressed

Ability: Sturdy, where it cannot be knocked out with one hit. Or Sand Stream, where the Pokemon summons a sandstorm when it enters a battle.

Hidden Ability: Sand Force, which boosts the power of Rock, Ground and Steel-type moves in a sandstorm.

Weaknesses: Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel and Water

Resistances: Normal, Poison, Flying and Fire

Immunity: None

Evolutions: Gigalith evolves from Boldore when traded. Gigalith is the final form of Roggenrola.

Height: 5′ 07″ Weight: 573.2 lbs


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