Official Slowpoke campaign from April Fools’ Day continues on April 12 at Kagawa Prefecture featuring increased spawns in Pokémon GO, Governor Slowpoke, new Pokémon Center, Slowpoke merch and much more

Slowpoke have continued to take over the Kagawa Prefecture in Japan, building on the April Fools’ Day gag from earlier this week. This is extending to a collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Kagawa Prefecture between April 12 and April 30. The Kagawa Prefecture is still being referred to as the Slowpoke Prefecture, where increased spawns of wild Slowpoke will be featured in Pokémon GO during the aforementioned period. There will also be a special Pokémon GO AR Photo Contest and chances to meet and take photos with the giant Slowpoke mascot in person.

A temporary Pokémon Center is also opening at Takamatsu Station, which will sell Slowpoke and other Pokémon merchandise during the campaign period. In addition, Slowpoke has been appointed as the governor of this particular prefecture. To visit the official website for the Kagawa/Slowpoke Prefecture, click here. To learn more about the Slowpoke takeover, check out the faux press conference in the video below, followed by an official commercial for Slowpoke Noodles:


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