Video: Simulating Avengers Infinity War in Super Smash Bros.

The folks at Game Informer have put together a video feature simulating Avengers Infinity War in Super Smash Bros. with the following Pokémon-related fighter matchups:

Thor = Pikachu
With thunderous summonings, Thor and Pikachu always have an electrifying presence – literally and figuratively. The god of thunder and Pokémon’s yellow mascot are alike in personality as well. As showcased in Thor: Ragnarok, the Norse god has a goofy side, but he’s not one you want to anger lest you face a shocking end. Pikachu has demonstrated those characteristics countless times.

Spider-Man = Ivysaur
As a teenaged Spider-Man learns what it means to be a hero, so does an Ivysaur as it trains to evolve into something greater. The quad-legged Pokémon uses its vines to bind opponents and recover from a fall, much like Peter Parker’s alter ego projects webs to fight crime in Queens.

Gamora = Lucario
If Gamora had a spirit animal, it would be Lucario. Like the fighting- and steel-type Pokémon, Gamora is a tough cookie to crumble and seems fiercely motivated to kick butt the more damage she endures from her challengers. Lucario’s loyalty to their trainer is rivaled only by Gamora’s devotion to her Guardians family.

Nebula = Greninja
Since childhood, Nebula has tirelessly developed herself day and night to become the top assassin under Thanos’ command. With Greninja’s blue skin, shinobi aesthetics, and menacing gaze, the frog Pokémon bladed-water weaponry and rapid close-quarter attacks reflect Nebula’s angry combat style.

Black Panther = Mewtwo
Black Panther and Mewtwo’s most obvious similarity is their cat-like mien, but the felines ultimately get their powers from genetic enhancements via an ancient plant and DNA engineering, respectively. Likewise, Black Panther’s suit allows him to build up energy from damage, while Mewtwo conserves his energy to be at its fullest potential in battle.

Mantis = Jigglypuff
Mantis acts as a running joke in Guardians 2 largely thanks to Drax’s brutal comments about her appearance. Jigglypuff can relate as the gag character of Smash Bros. since the original game. They might as well be twins with their bubbly eyes and their gifts to make others fall asleep.

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson and interns Robbie Key, Jon Bowman, and Joey Thurmond simulate the fight between Thanos and The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy the only way we know how… Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. Read the full feature on which character is which in Marvel’s upcoming film right here –



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