Braixen, #654 – Fox Pokémon

It has a twig stuck in its tail. With friction from its tail fur, it sets the twig on fire and launches into battle. When the twig is plucked from its tail, friction sets the twig alight. The flame is used to send signals to its allies.

Type: Fire

Category: Fox

Ability: Blaze, which powers up Fire-type moves when the Pokemon is in trouble.

Hidden Ability: Magician, where the Pokémon steals the held item of a Pokémon it hits with a move.

Weaknesses: Ground, Rock and Water

Resistances: Bug, Steel, Fire, Ice, Fairy and Grass

Immunity: None

Evolutions: Braixen evolves from Fennekin starting at level 16 and into Delphox starting at level 36.

Height: 3′ 03″ Weight: 32.0 lbs


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