Official English website and details now live for Pikachu Outbreak 2018 and first-ever Eevee Outbreak

A total of 1,500 Pikachu will take over Yokohama’s streets for the annual Pikachu Outbreak festival. For its fifth anniversary this year, fans can also expect a longer day-to-night event, complete with special digital effects in line with this year’s theme “Science is Amazing,” which will mark the debut of the first-ever Eevee Outbreak. Held from August 10 to 16Pikachu Outbreak 2018 will include a night parade filled with the official Pokémon mascots in flashy light-up costumes. In addition, there will be a night version of the afternoon Splash Show, where Pikachu is joined by its many Pokémon friends, including Eevee.

Minatomirai’s inner harbour will set the stage for the “Pikachu Parade on the Sea.” This show utilizes the latest digital technology to present a unique visual storytelling of a new Pokémon adventure, surrounded by Yokohama’s picturesque scenery. Pikachu and Eevee parades will be on display. Water shows will also be available featuring both mascots. Pikachu Outbreak: Science is Amazing is free for all fans to join. But there will also be merchandise for sale as well. Special merch will be released at Pokémon Center stores and Amazon Japan early on July 28. The extensive lineup includes Pikachu and Eevee plushies, headbands, T-shirts and much more. Read on below for official details straight from The Pokémon Company:

Another Pikachu Outbreak is happening this year in Minato Mirai, Yokohama, from August 10 to August 16, 2018. There’s going to be another Pikachu Outbreak this year in the Yokohama Minato Mirai area! There are even rumors of a first-ever Eevee Outbreak! Have a blast with over 1,500 Pikachus!


Pikachu and Eevee parade around adorably to the rhythm!

20 adorable Pikachu will make an appearance in time to the rhythm! What’s more, this year Eevee will be appearing as well! It’s going to be tons of fun!

Play in the water! Super Soaking Splash Show

The smash hit Super Soaking Splash Show, which uses two tons of water all at once, is back this year, this time with a power up. Get soaked and have a blast with Pikachu!

Greetings from Pikachu aboard a ship floating on the sea!

Boats carrying plenty of Pikachu will be appearing in the seas of Minato Mirai! Upgraded from last year, this event is bound to make for the perfect photo op!

Pokémon Synchronicity

A presentation using the sea! The theme is Pokémon Synchronicity.

A presentation using digital technology will be held in the Minato Mirai port area! Enjoy a never-before-seen world!


Presenting original event merchandise! See here for Pokémon Center Online.


[ Title ]

Pikachu Outbreak!
Science is Amazing!

[ Event Period ]

Friday, August 10 to Thursday, August 16, 2018

[ Event Location ]

Minato Mirai area of Yokohama

[ Participation Fee ]

Free of Charge

[ Venues ]

Various locations in the Yokohama Minatomirai Area

  • ・Queens Square Yokohama
  • ・Nippon Maru Memorial Park
  • ・MARK IS minatomirai
  • ・Minatomirai Line Minatomirai Station
  • ・Shinko Central Plaza
  • ・Pokémon Center Yokohama
  • ・Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
  • ・JR Sakuragicho Station, Sakuragicho Station Square
  • ・Yokohama Cosmoworld

[ Area stations ]

  • ・JR Sakuragicho Station, MinatoMirai Station on the MinatoMirai Line, Bashamichi Station on the MinatoMirai Line

[ Precautions ]

  • ・This year’s Pikachu Outbreak is not a Pokémon GO event with special Pokémon appearing in the event area.
  • ・This event is subject to change without notice due to weather or other circumstances.
  • ・Any cancellations will be announced on official Pokémon Twitter.
  • ・Please use public transportation whenever possible when coming to this event.
  • ・There is limited parking space in the area. Thank you for your understanding.
  • ・Take home any garbage you generate.
  • ・Please refrain from using your smartphone while walking or any other behavior that may endanger those around you.

[ Contact us ]

  • ・Pokémon Customer Service Center
  • ・Telephone: 0120-049-725
  • ・Hours: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • *Excludes Saturday, Sunday, national holidays.


Check same-day event information on the area map! See here for details.

To view Pikachu Outbreak info in Japanese, click here.

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Thank you for the tips, Fumiyasu Miura.

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