Binacle, #688 – Two-Handed Pokémon

Two Binacle live together on one rock. When they fight, one of them will move to a different rock. They stretch and then contract, yanking their rocks along with them in bold hops. They eat seaweed that washes up on the shoreline.

Type: Rock/Water

Category: Two-Handed

Ability: Sniper, which powers up moves if they become critical hits. Or Tough Claws, which powers up moves that make direct contact.

Hidden Ability: Pickpocket, which steals an item from an attacker that made direct contact.

Weaknesses: Grass, Fighting, Ground and Electric

ResistancesNormal, Poison, Ice, Flying and Fire

Immunity: None

Evolutions: Binacle evolves into Barbaracle starting at level 39.

Height: 1′ 08″ Weight: 68.3 lbs


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