Aurorus, #699 – Tundra Pokémon

The diamond-shaped crystals on its body expel air as cold as -240 degrees Fahrenheit, surrounding its enemies and encasing them in ice. Using its diamond-shaped crystals, it can instantly create a wall of ice to block an opponent’s attack.

Type: Rock/Ice

Category: Tundra

Ability: Refrigerate, where Normal-type moves become Ice-type moves.

Hidden Ability: Snow Warning, where the Pokémon summons a hailstorm when it enters a battle.

Weaknesses: Fighting, Steel, Water, Rock, Grass and Ground

ResistancesPoison, Normal, Flying and Ice

Immunity: None

Evolutions: Aurorus evolves from Amaura when leveled up at night starting at level 39, after having been revived from a Sail Fossil.

Height: 8′ 10″ Weight: 496.0 lbs


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