Trevenant, #709 – Elder Tree Pokémon

It can control trees at will. It will trap people who harm the forest, so they can never leave. Using its roots as a nervous system, it controls the trees in the forest. It’s kind to the Pokémon that reside in its body.

Type: Ghost/Grass

Category: Elder Tree

Ability: Natural Cure, where all status conditions heal when the Pokémon switches out. Or Frisk, where the Pokémon can check an opposing Pokémon’s held item.

Hidden Ability: Harvest, which may create another Berry after one is used.

Weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Dark, Ice and Ghost

Resistances: Grass, Ground, Water and Electric

ImmunityNormal and Fighting

Evolutions: Trevenant evolves from Phantump when traded.

Height: 4′ 11″ Weight: 156.5 lbs


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