Pokémon GO Week update and new pictures: Pikachu Parade and photo time schedule at Pokémon Festa 2018 in South Korea

To coincide with Pokémon Festa 2018, a new Pokémon GO Week is taking place this month for fans in South Korea. From September 17 to September 25, rare spawns of certain Pokémon are now appearing more frequently in the wild. Specifically, from September 21 to September 23, rare Pokémon such as Feebas and Trapinch are appearing in Seoul while select letters of Unown and Tropius can be found around the Lotte department store and Lotte World Mall. This event is open in admission and free for anyone to take part in. There are also designated PokéStops that players can visit for a limited time. While supplies lasted, participants could have received an exclusive Pokémon GO-themed strap.  However, due to to extreme popularity, this special strap is no longer availableSK telecom and KEB Hana Bank are hosting their own campaigns near event tents. The recently-revealed nut head Pokémon made a brief appearance in increased spawns at Pokémon GO Week in South Korea, as shown in the above screenshot. However, Kecleon hasn’t been made available there yet. The Pokémon Company has revealed the official schedule for the highly-anticipated Pikachu Parade and fans appear to be extremely excited for it:









Thank you for the pictures, Fumiyasu Miura.

Source: Pokémon Korea


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