Dartrix, #723 – Blade Quill Pokémon

A bit of a dandy, it spends its free time preening its wings. Its preoccupation with any dirt on its plumage can leave it unable to battle. It throws sharp feathers called blade quills at enemies or prey. It seldom misses.

Type: Grass/Flying

Category: Blade Quill

Ability: Overgrow, which powers up Grass-type moves when the Pokémon is in trouble.

Hidden Ability: Long Reach, where the Pokémon uses its moves without making contact with the target.

Weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock and Poison

ResistancesGrass, Water and Fighting


Evolutions: Dartrix evolves from Rowlet starting at level 17 and into Decidueye starting at level 34.

Height: 2′ 04″ Weight: 35.3 lbs


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