Pokémon on Twitch: Season 6 of Pokémon the Series marks the beginning of the Hoenn region arc

Pokémon fans can join an extensive animation celebration with Twitch‘s two-month marathon of Pokémon the Series on its TwitchPresents channel. Until October 28, Twitch is streaming all 19 seasons of the TV show and 16 Pokémon movies. Check out the official promo for this collaboration in the embedded video below:

Nostalgia, I Choose You!

Spin your hats backward and sing along with that iconic theme song, Trainers! We’ve headed back to the beginning with Ash, Pikachu, and our friends at Twitch with a Pokémon the Series marathon like you’ve never seen before. 19 seasons, 16 movies, and more Team Rocket blastoffs than we could possibly count! Tell us about your favorite episode in the comments below, grab some popcorn, and join in the fun over on Twitch: https://watch.twitch.tv/2w6fIzy

Source: @Pokemon


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