Crabominable, #740 – Woolly Crab Pokémon

It aimed for the top but got lost and ended up on a snowy mountain. Being forced to endure the cold, this Pokémon evolved and grew fur. It just throws punches indiscriminately. In times of desperation, it can lop off its own pincers and fire them like rockets.

Type: Fighting/Ice

Category: Woolly Crab

Ability: Hyper Cutter, which prevents other Pokémon from lowering its Attack stat. Or Iron Fist, which powers up punching moves.

Hidden Ability: Anger Point, which maxes the Attack stat after the Pokémon takes a critical hit.

Weaknesses: Flying, Psychic, Steel, Fire, Fighting and Fairy

Resistances: Ice, Bug and Dark

Immunity: None

Evolutions: Crabominable evolves from Crabrawler when leveled up at Mount Lanakila.

Height: 5′ 07″ Weight: 396.8 lbs


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