Video: Nintendo Minute plays Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bingo

In the latest installment of Nintendo MinuteNintendo of America hosts Kit and Krysta continue their Super Smash Bros. Ultimate series with a special game of bingo. You can check it out in the embedded video below:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bingo – Nintendo Minute

Hi, today’s the big day and we could not be more excited. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally here! We hope you’re all playing and enjoying the game. It’s almost become our tradition to play bingo to celebrate big launches so that’s what we’re doing today with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Since this is a competitive game, we’re playing some competitive bingo while we compete in Smash. The results were certainly interesting. We’ll leave the challenges below in case you want to try it out. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you next week.

Bingo Challenges:
►Grabs only
►Zelda stage comes up at random
►Win a match!
►Waluigi appears from an assist trophy
►Get a Mushroom Kingdom character from a random character selection
►Taunt 3x consecutively without getting hit
►Knock the other player off with a hammer
►Pick up and throw the Master Ball
►Control two fighters at the same time and not lose
►Knock the other player off the stage in the last 10 seconds of the match
►Score +5
►Game ends with you over 100% damage
►Break a Smash Ball and execute your final Smash
►Get more KOs than deaths
►Score +3
►Defeat the other player by throwing an item/weapon

-Kit & Krysta

Source: Nintendo of America @NintendoAmerica

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