Video: The updated Pokémon TV app is here, Trainers!

The updated Pokémon TV mobile app is here, with new features that make it easier than ever to watch your favorite episodes and movies. Look for the updated app for iPad and iPhone in the App Store, and for Android devices in Google Play. Enjoy the adventures of Ash, Pikachu, and all their friends as they travel through the incredible world of Pokémon! Dozens of episodes are available for you to enjoy, including some from the current season, Sun & Moon—Ultra Adventures. And when you finish an episode, you’ll automatically get suggestions on what to watch next.

New Pokémon Trainer Club integration lets you start watching on one mobile device and switch over to another to continue watching. You can also download episodes to watch offline for when you’re heading somewhere without a reliable internet connection. Download now and have fun watching Ash and friends in the world of Pokémon with the new Pokémon TV mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

UK: The updated Pokémon TV app is here, Trainers!

Play Pokémon. 🎮
Catch Pokémon.💯
Watch Pokémon. 📺

La nuova app TV Pokémon è disponibile!

Gioca… 🎮
Esplora… 💯
Guarda! 📺



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