New locations and tidbits revealed from Pokémon Sword and Shield previews

The folks at IGN, Nintendo Life, Eurogamer and a number of other publications recently had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Pokémon Sword and Shield. Read on below to learn more:


  • Slumbering Weald
  • Starting Village is Called Wedgehurst
  • Someone run into a couple different types of new Pokémon, which they unfortunately can’t talk about.
  • Cou can also have their nicknames rated, rename them, or even delete moves at the Pokémon Center
  • On the way to Magnolia’s location, someone encounter seven different Pokémon in the wild. They can’t say any of the creatures aside from Yamper
  • nearest major city: Motostoke.
  • The Wild Area feels large from the very beginning. In this part of Galar, the camera swings behind their character and they can rotate it 360 degrees.
  • Wild Area features Pokémon with max IVs and egg moves demarcated by a yellow aura
  • Can freely access PC in Wild Area
  • Wild Area has its own currency called Watts which you can exchange for “camping gear, items, and ingredients”; some items exclusive to this
  • Level/Exp scaling seem to be good. Also the Pokémon you fight with gets more Exp

“The Wild Area is a large, mostly grassy expanse in the middle of the Galar region’s map. In it Pokémon roam freely on the overworld, like they do in all of Sword and Shield’s long-grass areas, in a system similar to that of Let’s Go. (There are now three types of encounter: visible, roaming Pokémon you walk into, traditional random encounters in the long grass, and “exclamation mark” encounters in long grass that you can either provoke for an encounter with a rarer Pokémon or sneak by to avoid.)

“The significant difference with the Wild Area is, if you wander into the wrong part of it, you’ll discover that the wild Pokémon can now be drastically overlevelled. It’s a series first, and it honestly feels like the bravest thing Game Freak has done for a little while. You could always dip your toe into the odd higher-level route on the other side of a city, say, but never get caught in battle with a level 50, third-stage evolution ‘mon with your starter and a level 6 Pidgey. In Sword and Shield it has a striking effect. It reminds me of some of the oldest games in the series where there was a real element of intimidation from some areas. Back then this was because of a fear of the unknown, and a spot of imagination filling in the blanks, but now it’s because seeing a whopping great Pokémon five times your level is enough to intrigue and inspire.”


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