Team GO Rocket event and PokéStops takeover successfully concludes worldwide in Pokémon GO

Another Team GO Rocket takeover recently took place in Pokémon GO. Read on below for all the details:

The increased activity is set to happen on…

Keep your eyes peeled for…

  • Team GO Rocket Grunts taking over every PokéStop for the duration of the take-over!
  • Exclusive Field Research tasks designed by Professor Willow to help us gather more information on Team GO Rocket.
  • The GO Rocket Box is now available for purchase via the in-game store with 20 Max Potions, three Rocket Radars, one Super Incubator and 20 Max Revives for 480 PokéCoins.

Your mission:

  • Battle Team GO Rocket Grunts, collect Mysterious Components, craft Rocket Radars, and defeat the Team GO Rocket Leaders as many times as you can! Remember—after you craft your first Rocket Radar, you’ll be able to purchase additional Rocket Radars in the shop!
  • Complete the tasks above to make progress on the Special Research Looming in the Shadows, which will lead you straight to the Team GO Rocket Boss, Giovanni!

Be sure to share your findings (and victories!) with us on social media with #TeamGORocket. For tips and tricks on how to defeat the Team GO Rocket Leaders, opt in to receiving our push notifications and emails!

Source: Official Pokémon GO blog

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