The Better to Hear You With Spirit Board event featuring Meowth, Victini, Mega Lucario and more now underway in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo has announced the latest in-game event for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Read on below for more details:

The Better to Hear You With

Spirits gifted with larger ears than most are coming to the Spirit Board en masse! Defeat them in battle to earn snacks. The Legend-class Victini, plus the Ace-class Rover, Mega Lucario, and Fox Luigi, will also appear at set times. Be sure to check them out!

What are spirits?

Game characters with abilities that can give your fighters a boost in battle. Increase your fighter’s abilities by equipping a fighter with spirits to borrow their special powers.

Two types of spirits

Primary spirits boost your fighter’s physical abilities, while support spirits grant new skills. You won’t believe how many different spirits there are!

Source: Nintendo

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