Pokémon Go Fest 2021 – Prep Guide Part 2 – Jungle Habitat

Hello all, continuing from the last article, this bitesize article will show you all you need to know about the Jungle hours during the first day of the event.

Firstly, this habitat will be active between 10:00am -11:00am as well as 2:00pm – 3:00pm.

During this time, all trainers (regardless if you have brought a ticket or not) will be able to see the following Pokémon:

Aipom – This Pokémon will have a chance to be shiny, although it was recently in a Spotlight hour. So it might not be a priority catch, especially as it does not have any use in Raids or the GBL.

Froakie – While a shiny is not possible at this point, it is nevertheless a starter which will likely have a community day at some point in the future. My advise for now would be to catch this and try to stock up on candy/grab a decent IV. It would also be worth trading like-for-like to try and get a lucky if possible. Once you have a decent one, evolve it into Frogadier and hold on to it until the community day rolls around. Once the community day begins, you’ll then have the chance to evolve the Frogadier and get the community day move. Greninja is currently rated #348 (3/15/12) according to PvPoke in the Great League and #296 (0/13/14) in the Ultra League, however this could change once the community day rolls around.

Scyther – Scyther does have a shiny (still looking for my first). As far as usefulness for raids is concerned, due to it’s typing, Scizor is only useful for Psychic and Fairy types. However, there is the chance of Mega Scizor in the future. As it stands, there is no Steel type mega available. Scizor ranks #294 (1/15/15) in the Great League and #166 (0/15/15) in the Ultra League.

For those with a Go Fest Ticket, the following Pokémon will be attracted to incense:

Chatot – Great for those in the Northern Hemisphere that are otherwise unable to catch this Pokémon.

Ludicolo – Some will consider this a spicy pick for the Great League ranked at #169 (0/15/15) and the Ultra League ranked at #147 (6/14/15) (which will require XL candy). You’ll also grab 500 stardust (625 in rainy/sunny conditions) and an XL candy for each catch.

Serperior – After recently being in a community day, it might be easy to dismiss this Pokémon. However, as with Ludicolo, Serperior will also net you 500 stardust (625 in sunny conditions) as well as an XL candy per catch. It ranks #76 (0/10/15) in the Great League and #80 (10/14/15) in the Ultra League (which requires XL candy).

Leafeon – While not particularly useful in either the Great League or Ultra League, Leafeon is great for grabbing Eevee XL candy which can be used on any of the eeveelutions. It is also a 2nd evolution meaning you’ll be able to grab 300 stardust (350 in sunny conditions) as well as an XL candy.

Unown F & G – Another great catch for those who have not got it in their dex yet. There is also a chance to catch a shiny for both of these.

Next up will be the Desert Mountain. Happy hunting everyone.


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