Pokémon Go Fest 2021 – Prep Guide Part 3 – Desert Mountain Habitat

Hello all, continuing from the last article, this bitesize article will show you all you need to know about the Desert Mountain hours during the first day of the event.

Firstly, this habitat will be active between 11:00am -12:00pm as well as 3:00pm – 4:00pm.

During this time, all trainers (regardless if you have brought a ticket or not) will be able to see the following Pokémon:

Skarmory– This steel/flying Pokémon is great in the Go Battle League due to the large number of resistances it has. According to PvPoke, it ranks #12 (0/15/14) in the Great League and #39 (15/15/15) in the Ultra League (XL candy needed). Also to note, a shiny is available for Skarmory.

Shieldon– Again, another great PVP Pokémon in the bulky Bastiodon. In the Great League it ranks #5 (0/15/14), but XL candy will be required. It does not fair so well in the Ultra League, ranking at #376 (15/15/15) with XL candy again

Hippopotas– The best thing about this Pokémon is that there is a shiny available in the game. Enough said.

For those with a Go Fest Ticket, the following Pokémon will be attracted to incense:

Throh– For anyone not from North America, South America, or Africa, this will be your chance to catch the red tank. It will also be one of the new shiny Pokémon available in the game.

Flygon– Firstly, Flygon is a stage 3 Pokémon meaning we will be able to get 500 stardust (625 if boosted in Sunny or Windy conditions). While it doesn’t do too well in the Great League ranking at #158 (0/15/9), it does do considerably better in the Ultra League sitting at #77 (0/13/15) with no XL candy required. Catching Flygon will also earn you at least 1 XL candy.

Tyranitar– Similar to Flygon, we will be able to get 500 stardust (625 in Partly Cloudy or Foggy weather) due to it being a stage 3 Pokémon. While it is not very useful in either the Great League or Ultra League, it does see a lot of play in the Master League ranking at #60 (15/15/15) with XL candy. It is also a very good Raid Pokémon, so worth grabbing the best you can find or even trading for a lucky. Another great reason to catch this Pokémon is that a mega could be possible in the future. However, as Mega Houndoom is already available as a Dark type, it might be a while before this happens.

Flareon – Another Eeveelution that isn’t great for PVP, and there are plenty of better fire types to catch as fair as raiding is concerned . It does, however, yield an XL candy that can be used on other Eeveelutions. Being a stage 2 Pokémon, we’ll be able to get 300 stardust (350 in Sunny conditions).

Unown F & G – As with the previous hour, these Pokémon will be available to catch, including the shiny form

Next up will be the Ocean Beach habitat. Happy hunting everyone.


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