Japanese amusement park Yomiuri Land set to open Pokemon Wonder attraction

Yomiuri Land is one of Japans oldest amusement parks and opened back in 1964. Based in Toyko, Yomiuri Land recently revealed that they would be opening a new attraction on July 18th.

This attraction is called Pokemon Wonder and is basically a wonder trail for Pokemaniacs to get involved with. Here, entrants will get 90 minutes to spot as many Pokemon as possible. In total there are 50 Pokemon in this area, with some more hidden than others.

Pokemon Wonder will be split into two different zones. The first is set on an ancient stone, whilst the second is set in a tropical rainforest. As you may expect, these zones will dictate what kinds of Pokemon will be in each area. For instance, early press releases have shown pictures including an Omanyte, whilst the second zone shows a Diglet poking out of the ground.

Upon entering Pokemon Wonder, you will be briefed by Professor Creso and his Pikachu who will give you clues on how to find the Pokemon. Apparently, these Pokemon are meant to blend in with their natural environments, so you will have to have a keen eye to spot them all!

Tickets cost ¥4,900 per adult and ¥1,300 per child which means it’s roughly $45 per adult and $12 per child. Undoubtedly because of the hype surrounding the upcoming release date, this park will definitely be busy for the foreseeable future.

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