Pokémon Go Fest 2021 (Part 1: Prep)

As Go Fest 2021 draws closer, I will be creating a series of articles breaking down everything you need to know about the up-coming event. In this first article, I will be breaking down as much as we know about the event overall and what you can do to prepare for the event. Following on from this article, I’ll break down each day and each hour. The reason for this is because there will be a lot of Pokémon I’d like to give you information about and it is my belief that it’d be easier to digest in bite-sized articles.

So with that being said, let’s get started.

Event Times: The event will start on Saturday July 17th 2021, from 10:00am to 6:00pm local time. On Sunday July 18th the event will start at 10:00am and finish at 6:00pm local time.

Ticket Price: $5 – This will be worth it’s weight in raid passes alone, if that is what you’re after from this event. I would highly recommend doing what you can to pay for the ticket to insure you get the most out of this event.

Google Play: This year’s sponsor is Google Play Store, and for Android users, this is likely to lead to additional benefits with the Pokémon Go stating that ‘Trainers can expect fun surprises and exclusive perks’.

This years event, as we all probably know by now, is centred around music. We will be seeing the following Pokémon related to music: Chimecho, Kricketot, Audino, and a special costumed Pikachu. All of these will be available in the wild.

We will also see the introduction of the following shiny Pokémon: Whismur, Chimecho, Audino, and Tympole.

Professor Willow, along with the team leaders, are also putting on a ‘concert’. Completing the Special Research will yield you either a Pikachu Rock Star, or Pikachu Pop Star, which will give you a piece of music to listen to during the event produced by Junichi Masuda. We will also have to make choices between Galarian Ponyta or Galarian Zigzagoon, as well as Gardevoir or Flygon. Each of these Pokémon will be wearing special event costumes and it appears that the Galarian Ponyta and Zigzagoon will not be able to evolve.

As well as hourly habitats during the first day of the event, we will also be given hourly global challenges. Once completed, they’re likely to increase the catch XP or stardust for the remainder of that hour. So the quicker we can tackle it the better, especially if you are on the verge or reaching level 40 before July 18th.

While some of the following tips may be obvious for the seasoned player, here are some things that might make both days of the event easier for you:

Stock up on Lure Modules and Incense. Besides the upcoming community day, it should be a pretty clear schedule between now and Go Fest (aside from Bidoof). Any modules you gain between now and then should be saved until the 17th. All Lure Modules will last for 3 hours during the event. The same goes for incense, if not more so. If you’re a ticket holder, a chunk of the benefits come from using incense throughout the event, including Sunday.

Save Your Pinap Berries. If you really want to max out at least one Emboar this Saturday, feel free to, but with a lot of strong Pokémon appearing during Go Fest, you’ll want to be able to maximise your time and energy.

Get Hatching. Try to load up your Egg inventory with as many 12k eggs as possible. There will be a 1/2 egg hatch distance over the course of the whole event. If you can grab any additional incubators, that will also be extremely helpful. Don’t forget that as well as grabbing a new Pokémon and some candy (+XL if you’re level 40+), you’ll also get a decent amount of Stardust. This will be handy when it comes to powering up your Pokémon for the second day of the event.

Don’t spend Your Stardust, yet. We have just had the Aipom spotlight hour and we are due to have a 3x stardust boost (4.5x with star pieces) with the Tepig Community Day on the 3rd of July. This means that we can really start to accumulate a decent amount of stardust to start preparing our teams for raids on the second day of Go Fest, more on this soon.

Can You Hit It? If you’re not level 40, for whatever reason, then how close can you get before Go Fest starts? I only just hit level 40 half way in to the Swablu community day leading me to fall shy of the 296 XL candy required to max out an Altaria. This isn’t the end of the world for a lot of players out there, but for those that raid hard or want to be competitive in the Go Battle League, then for some Pokémon it is a necessity to use XL candy to maximise their potential.

Buddy Up. If you’re not already doing so, start setting your buddy to a Pokémon that you have unlocked Mega Evolution for already. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, on the Saturday we can make the most of the wild/incense/raid spawns by having the right mega activated during each hour. Secondly, you’ll be switching up your Mega a lot on the Sunday to make each raid as quick and seamless as possible. A bonus third reason to do so is if you can get best buddies with a few before the event, then you can get the extra CP boost as well, helping your mega stay on the field for even longer.

Prep Your Party. It might just be me, but rather than trying to invite 5 friends and get my team ready for a raid can be a pain, especially if your online friends are jumbled around, or what can happen is someone will invite you to a raid, only for you to realise you have less than 20 seconds to make your choices. In the Battle tab, we can go to Party and add teams for Raids/Gyms. Once you are in a raid room you can just swipe away from the Recommended Party and to which ever party best suits the current raid. You can have up to 10 pre-saved parties, so you may need to double up on a few of them. If you’re doing these raids with friends, then you can even work out where to put your mega in the line-up too

Priorities. We have two cycles for each habitat on both days. With the first day, you’re probably going to want to catch everything you see, but consider which ones you need to use your Pinaps on before the day finishes and you’re running around looking for a Deino to throw a berry at. On the second day you’re also going to want to think which raids you’re going to tackle first (whether it be because you need XL candy for a certain Pokémon, or you do not have one of the others in your Pokédex yet). As we know now, Mewtwo will be appearing a lot after the event, so you might be able to avoid it if you think you won’t be able to catch some of the others. As a final point, there will be people across the globe raiding well before/after your Go Fest starts, so find some Discord groups or an App like PokéRaid to really make the most of the weekend.

Game Plan. Where are you going to be for the event? Are you able to meet up with a friend or 2 that can raid with you? Where/what are you going to eat? This might be a silly point, but do you really want to be queuing up to buy a Tesco meal deal when there is a Groudon raid ending soon? If you can, maybe prepare some food the day before and remember to stay hydrated during the event! (How much of that was for myself? I’ll never tell)

Save Your Ultra Balls. There will be stage 3 Pokémon available during Go Fest (such as Tyranitar) that you’re really going to want to make sure you catch as well as some very cool shiny Pokémon.

That just about covers all the preparation I can think of. If there is any other tips you have, please share them in the comments below.

Take care and happy hunting,


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