How to catch Throh in Pokemon Go

With Pokemon Go Fest 2021 around the corner, there’s a lot to take in with various opportunities on the counter. In short, if you’re looking to improve your Pokedex then this event is perfect for you. If you follow the guides correctly too, you should be able to catch some Pokemon with ease compared to normal circumstances.

One of those Pokemon is Throh. Whilst not the rarest Pokemon on Pokemon Go, Throh is still fairly rare and is a good companion to your team. This is where following the Pokemon Go Fest rules comes in handy. It has been revealed by Niantic that during the event, Throh, Unknown F, Unknown G, Chatot, and Sawk will all be attracted by incense which makes life easier if hunting for these specific Pokemon. Throh and Sawk are based on martial arts – representing Judo and Karate are known as solid additions to your party.

Throh is a fighting Pokemon known for its strength and health. Below is a video on how to catch Throh. As seen, this is done in one go by using an Ultra Ball. This means if you combine this with enough incense, then you should be well on your way to catching the Pokemon. Similarly, this strategy also applies to the Pokemon listed above. Just remember that Throh is only listed in certain parts of the world, meaning in some countries catching Throh won’t be possible regardless of your tactics.

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