Niantic updates list of Pokémon GO known issues currently being investigated by its engineering team as of December 9

Niantic has updated the official Known Issues support page for Pokémon GO. Read on below to learn more:

Known Issues

Here is where you can find a list of issues currently being investigated by our engineering team. This list will be updated regularly, and issues will be added and removed as they are discovered and resolved. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all issues we are aware of or working to fix.You can find the list of known issues related to GO Battle League here.
To report a bug that isn’t listed here, or get one on one support, please submit a ticket in-app under the Settings menu, or see our article on how to best contact us for different issues.
Last updated: December 9, 2021
Powering up a Gym to Level 3 sometimes causes the Gym to not be interactive and no Pokémon to appear in the wild.
Issue description: When Trainers Power up a Gym to Level 3, they will sometimes experience the Gym not being interactive and no Pokémon to appear in the wild around the Gym. In some cases, the surrounding PokéStops might also disappear.
Issue status: Mitigated by temporarily removing the additional wild Pokémon appearance bonus. Continuing to investigate for a resolution
Some weather-related visual effects have been disabled.
Issue description: Some weather-related visual effects such as rainy weather have been temporarily disabled as we investigate a bug.
Issue status: Investigating
The same Pokémon appears to hatch repeatedly when multiple Eggs hatch at once.
Issue description:  When 2 or more Eggs hatch at the same time, the first Pokémon hatched appears to hatch from every Egg. This is a visual bug and the Pokémon actually hatched from the Egg will appear in your Poké Bag correctly.
Issue status: Investigating.
After a Charged Move or switch, there is no attack delay from Team GO Rocket or Team Leader.
Issue description:
 After a Charged Move or a switch, Team GO Rocket and Team Leaders are expected to pause before they begin fast attacking the Trainer again. However, the pause does not happen, which may increase difficulty in battling.
Issue status: Resolved in upcoming release (0.225.2)
Hoopa Unbound does not register in the Pokédex.
Issue description:
 Even though Trainers may obtain Hoopa’s Unbound form, the form will not register in the Pokédex.
Issue status: Resolved in an upcoming release
Lures in research rewards or in the Shop may appear with the wrong image.
Issue description: 
Lures may appear with the wrong image, such as a Poké Ball or Stardust in research rewards or in the Shop. This is a visual bug and the correct items will still appear in the Item Bag.
Issue status: 
Resolved in upcoming release (0.225)
The trash can button to delete Gifts does not work.
Issue description: The trash can button on Gifts cannot be tapped to delete gifts in Trainers’ Item Bags.
Issue status: Resolved in upcoming release (0.225). Gifts can still be deleted by tapping on the image of the Gift Trainers want to delete.

Feebas cannot be evolved while assigned as a buddy.
Issue description: Attempting to evolve Feebas while it’s assigned as a buddy causes the game to freeze.
Issue status: Resolved in upcoming release, to evolve Feebas in the meantime please unassign Feebas as your buddy before attempting to evolve.
Some previously caught shiny Pokémon do not appear on the Pokédex entry page.
Issue description: Even with a shiny Pokémon in inventory, the shiny symbol may not appear on the Pokédex entry for the Pokémon.
Issue status: Resolved in upcoming release

Wayfarer edits are not reflected in Pokémon GO.
Issue description: Approved edits to Wayspots are not synchronizing in Pokémon GO and are reverted to pre-edit settings.
Issue status: Resolved

Charizard sometimes cannot be Mega Evolved.
Issue description: Even when Trainers have the correct amount of Mega Energy, they may not be able to Mega Evolve Charizard into either X or Y form.
Issue status:  Resolved in upcoming release (0.225)
Buddy Pokémon may disappear from the overworld map after being evolved, until the app is restarted.
Issue description:
Trainers may see their buddy disappear from the map after evolving it.
Issue status: Investigating
Workaround: In the meantime, if the Trainer force-closes and reopens their app, their buddy will reappear.
Evolving a Buddy sometimes causes the game to crash and get stuck on the post-login warning.
Issue description: Sometimes Trainers evolve their Buddy, and find that their Buddy disappears. This can be resolved if the Trainer is able to add a Buddy from any of their existing Pokémon while the game is still responsive. However, if they are unable to do so, the game will eventually become unresponsive and lock the player into the “Do not trespass” or “Do not drive” warnings indefinitely.
Issue status: Resolved in an upcoming release. Please contact Support and we can help resolve this issue.
Promotion codes from the “We’ve missed you, Trainer” e-mail are not able to be redeemed.
Issue description:When Trainers attempt to redeem the promotion code from the “We’ve missed you, Trainer” e-mail, they are given the warning “Passcode must at least contain 13 characters” and are unable to redeem the code.
Issue status: Investigating, please contact Niantic Support with a screenshot of the redemption page including your Trainer username associated with the code if you are experiencing this issue.
Trainers have recurring issues with Adventure Sync on iOS devices.
Issue description:
 Trainers may experience issues enabling or disabling Adventure Sync, or may experience inaccurate distance tracking.
Issue status: Investigating

Source: Official Pokémon GO support page

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