Niantic announces new Pokémon GO Partner Research events, which will first take place in Japan starting next month

Pokémon GO Partner Research events have been announced by Niantic. Read on below to learn more:

Information on “‘Pokémon GO’ Partner Research”!

Information on "'Pokémon GO' Partner Research"!


We will hold “Pokémon GO Partner Research” with the official “Pokémon GO” partners who are always supporting trainers! Participating partners in the first “Pokémon GO” Partner Research for the Arora season are “Sushiro,” “Tully’s,” and “Yoshinoya.”

What is “Pokémon GO Partner Research”?

“Pokémon GO” This is a special time challenge that only those who have a participation ticket with a promotion code that can be obtained from an official partner can participate. Different partners will participate each season. A promotion code is attached to the “participation ticket”Promotion code entry pageIf you register the code from, you will be able to challenge the time challenge. If you clear the Time Challenge during the target season, you can get tools and Pokemon!

How to get a participation ticket

The period and method of acquisition differ for each partner. Please check the partner campaign page for details.

  • Sushiro
    Period: April 7, 2022 (Thursday) ~ * Each store will end as soon as it runs out.
    How to get: If you purchase the target product for take-out at Sushiro by takeout or his delivery, you will get one participation ticket for each target product.
    Campaign page:

  • Tully’s
    Period: April 18, 2022 (Monday) -May 15, 2022 (Sunday)
    How to get: Present the ticket exclusive bar code from the “Tully’s Official App” before making a payment at the Tully’s Coffee store. You can get a participation ticket by purchasing 700 yen or more including tax per account with the registered Tully’s card in the “Tully’s official app”.
    Campaign page: Released at a later date

  • Yoshinoya
    Period: April 25, 2022 (Monday) 11: 00-May 31, 2022 (Tuesday) 20:00
    How to get: After purchasing 550 yen or more including tax at the Yoshinoya store, in the “Yoshinoya App” You can get the participation ticket by presenting the exclusive bar code for obtaining the participation ticket.
    Campaign page: Released at a later date

Time challenge content

Clearing deadline: Code registration-Tuesday, May 31, 2022 Until 23:59 Japan time
If you clear the time challenge, you can get tools and Pokemon. Furthermore, if you clear it to the end, you will get XP 10,000 and Hoshinosuna 10,000!
The Pokemon you can get is different for each partner. If you are lucky, you may come across different colors of some Pokemon! (You cannot meet different colors of “Rowlet”, “Litten”, and “Ashimari”.)

  • Sushiro: Nyaby, Spinda, Rattle (Arora’s figure), Ivanko

  • Tully’s: Rowlet, Lickitung, Muk (Arora’s figure), Ivanko

  • Yoshinoya: Popplio, Audino, Raichu (Arora’s figure), Ivanko

  • Research tasks, tools you can get and XP are common to all partners.

  • You can only challenge the Time Challenge once per partner. However, it is possible to obtain a participation ticket for each partner and challenge each time challenge.

After getting the “Pokémon GO Partner Research” ticket?

Once you get the entry ticket, use the promotion code printed on the entry ticket.Promotion code entry pagePlease enter from. For more information,HerePlease refer to the. After registering the code, the time challenge will be displayed on the “Today’s Summary” tab in the game.

* For “Notes before participation”, “Check-in / How to play”, CenterPlease confirm.

When playing “Pokémon GO”, please be careful about the safety of your surroundings and enjoy it in accordance with the laws and policies of the national and local governments. Upcoming events may be canceled or changed. We will continue to use social media and in-app newsHelp Center ArticlesPlease check the latest information at.

— From the “Pokémon GO” development team

Source: Official Pokémon GO blog

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