A girl helps a nervous Jigglypuff gain confidence and share its song with the world in the eighth and final episode of POKÉTOON, “Jigglypuff’s Song,” available now on Pokémon TV

The POKÉTOON animated shorts have officially been localized by The Pokémon Company International. Read on below to learn more:

Jigglypuff Jams in POKÉTOON Episode 8, Now on Pokémon TV

A self-conscious Pokémon learns to sing loud and proud in “Jigglypuff’s Song,” the final episode in this collection of animated shorts.

The eighth and final episode of POKÉTOON is now available to watch on Pokémon TV. In “Jigglypuff’s Song,” we meet a young girl who has befriended a spiky-haired Jigglypuff. Unfortunately, the Pokémon feels sad because its song isn’t quite like those of other Jigglypuff. With a little help from its friend, will the spiky-haired Jigglypuff find the confidence to let its song be heard?

POKÉTOON features eight animated shorts, each telling a different story and showcasing a unique art style. You can catch all eight now at watch.pokemon.com or on the Pokémon TV mobile app. The Pokémon TV app is also available for Nintendo Switch!

Source: Pokemon.com

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