Video: Pokémon GO developer Niantic showcases its falling eggs WebAR experience

Pokémon GO developer Niantic is continuing to release promotional videos to showcase its games and initiatives. Check out them out below to learn more:

Falling Eggs | WebAR Experience

Exploring The Niantic Neighborhood at SXSW

Take a glimpse into the future in the Niantic AR Garden at #SXSW. 👀

Looking for your favorite AR experience? Be our guest! ⏩

0:13 – Spin The Globe 🌎
0:26 – Niantic Viewfinder 👀
0:43 – AR Wayfinder ⬆️
1:17 – Go All Out 🏀
1:35 – Fly The Airship ☁️
1:44 – Race The NL-1331 🏎️

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Ball Pit Robot | AR Tutorial

Kickboxing | Director’s Cut


Spring Cleaning 🤭🧹 | AR Edition 🌐

Experts React for World Mental Health Day | Niantic

To commemorate #WorldMentalHealthDay, we’re diving deep with two experts in the field of psychology. See how Pokémon GO has played a part in many explorers lives. ❤️ 🧠

Read more about Dr. Tanja Wingenbach’s study here:

Read more about Dr. Aaron Cheng’s study here:

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Source: Official Niantic blog


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