Grapploct, #853 – Jujitsu Pokémon

A body made up of nothing but muscle makes the grappling moves this Pokémon performs with its tentacles tremendously powerful. Searching for an opponent to test its skills against, it emerges onto land. Once the battle is over, it returns to the sea. Type: Fighting Category: Jujitsu Ability: Limber, which protects the Pokémon from paralysis. … Continue reading Grapploct, #853 – Jujitsu Pokémon

Clobbopus, #852 – Tantrum Pokémon

It's very curious, but its means of investigating things is to try to punch them with its tentacles. The search for food is what brings it onto land. Its tentacles tear off easily, but it isn't alarmed when that happens—it knows they'll grow back. It's about as smart as a three-year-old. Type: Fighting Category: Tantrum … Continue reading Clobbopus, #852 – Tantrum Pokémon

Toxtricity, #849 – Punk Pokémon

Amped Form Toxtricity: When this Pokémon sounds as if it's strumming a guitar, it's actually clawing at the protrusions on its chest to generate electricity. This short-tempered and aggressive Pokémon chugs stagnant water to absorb any toxins it might contain. Low Key Form Toxtricity: Capable of generating 15,000 volts of electricity, this Pokémon looks down … Continue reading Toxtricity, #849 – Punk Pokémon

Marshadow, #802 – Gloomdweller Pokémon

It slips into the shadows of others and mimics their powers and movements. As it improves, it becomes stronger than those it's imitating. It sinks into the shadows of people and Pokémon, where it can understand their feelings and copy their capabilities. Type: Fighting/Ghost Category: Gloomdweller Ability: Technician, which powers up the Pokémon's weaker moves. Hidden Ability: … Continue reading Marshadow, #802 – Gloomdweller Pokémon

Cinccino, #573 – Scarf Pokémon

Their white fur feels amazing to touch. Their fur repels dust and prevents static electricity from building up. Cinccino's body is coated in a special oil that helps it deflect attacks, such as punches. Type: Normal Category: Scarf Ability: Cute Charm, where contact with the Pokemon may cause infatuation. Or Technician, which powers up the Pokemon's … Continue reading Cinccino, #573 – Scarf Pokémon

Minccino, #572 – Chinchilla Pokémon

Minccino greet each other by grooming one another thoroughly with their tails. These Pokémon prefer a tidy habitat. They are always sweeping and dusting, using their tails as brooms. Type: Normal Category: Chinchilla Ability: Cute Charm, where contact with the Pokemon may cause infatuation. Or Technician, which powers up the Pokemon's weaker moves. Hidden Ability: Skill Link, … Continue reading Minccino, #572 – Chinchilla Pokémon

Mime Jr., #439 – Mime Pokémon

In an attempt to confuse its enemy, it mimics the enemy's movements. Then it wastes no time in making itself scarce! It habitually mimics foes. Once mimicked, the foe cannot take its eyes off this Pokémon. Type: Psychic/Fairy Category: Mime Ability: Soundproof, which gives full immunity to all sound-based moves. Or Filter, which reduces damage from supereffective … Continue reading Mime Jr., #439 – Mime Pokémon

Ambipom, #424 – Long Tail Pokémon

They work in large colonies and make rings by linking their tails, apparently in friendship. To eat, it deftly shucks nuts with its two tails. It rarely uses its arms now. Type: Normal Category: Long Tail Ability: Technician, which powers up the Pokemon's weaker moves. Or Pickup, which enables the Pokemon to pick up items. Hidden Ability: Skill … Continue reading Ambipom, #424 – Long Tail Pokémon