Drifblim, #426 – Blimp Pokémon

It carries people and Pokémon when it flies. But since it only drifts, it can end up anywhere. It’s drowsy in daytime, but flies off in the evening in big groups. No one knows where they go.

Type: Ghost/Flying

Category: Blimp

Ability: Aftermath, which damages the attacker landing the finishing hit. Unburden, which boosts the Speed stat if its held item is used or lost.

Hidden Ability: Flare Boost, which powers up special attacks when the Pokemon is burned.

Weaknesses: Dark, Ghost, Electric, Ice and Rock

Resistances: Grass, Bug and Poison

ImmunityNormal, Ground and Fighting

Evolutions: Drifblim evolves from Drifloon starting at level 28.

Height: 3′ 11″ Weight: 33.1 lbs


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