Shiny Dratini were very common, easy to find and catch during the second official Pokémon GO Community Day

The second official Pokémon GO Community Day recently wrapped up in various territories across the globe, including the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and Africa. The featured Pokémon for the latest worldwide event was Dratini with an exclusive move, triple Stardust and three-hour Lures. If you evolved Dratini into Dragonair and then into Dragonite during Pokémon GO Community Day, your Dragonite now knows the special move Draco Meteor. Dratini must have been caught or evolved during Pokémon GO Community Day hours in order to learn Draco Meteor; Fast TMs and Charged TMs did not grant exclusive moves during that time.

Shiny Dratini also made its Pokémon GO debut at the Community Day, and a significant number of fans spotted them in the wild. The rare Pokémon were fairly common to find throughout the duration of the event, and Community Day participants managed to easily catch multiple of them. A special Community Day bundle is no longer available to purchase via the in-game store for 480 PokéCoins. It was a Silver Box that contained six Lucky Eggs, 20 Pinap Berries, six Star Pieces and 30 Ultra Balls. There were a number of service issues impacting gameplay, so developer Niantic extended the Pokémon GO Community Day by three additional hours throughout the Asia-Pacific region to accommodate, but other territories didn’t receive the same treatment. The developer also had three challenges for participants to take on.

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