Lunala, #792 – Moone Pokémon

It is said to be a female evolution of Cosmog. When its third eye activates, away it flies to another world. Said to live in another world, this Pokémon devours light, drawing the moonless dark veil of night over the brightness of day.

Type: Psychic/Ghost

Category: Moone

Ability: Shadow Shield, which reduces the amount of damage the Pokémon takes while its HP is full.

Hidden Ability: None

Weaknesses: Dark and Ghost

Resistances: Psychic and Poison

Immunity: Normal and Fighting

Evolution: Lunala evolves from Cosmoem starting at level 53 in Pokémon Moon or Pokémon Ultra Moon. Lunala is one of Cosmog‘s final forms, the other being Solgaleo. Lunala is a member of the Light trio along with Solgaleo and Necrozma. Necrozma fuses with Lunala using the N-Lunarizer to become Dawn Wings Necrozma.

Height: 13′ 01″ Weight: 264.6 lbs


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