Top 25 Strongest Pokémon (Part 2)

The following feature article was written and submitted by to compliment part 1 of the top 25 strongest Pokémon: 14) Tower Duo (Lugia, Ho-oh) The Legendary duo of Johto, which consists of Lugia and Ho-Oh, is known as the Tower Duo. Lugia and Ho-Oh are the sea and sky guardians, respectively, and are often considered … Continue reading Top 25 Strongest Pokémon (Part 2)

Lunala, #792 – Moone Pokémon

It is said to be a female evolution of Cosmog. When its third eye activates, away it flies to another world. Said to live in another world, this Pokémon devours light, drawing the moonless dark veil of night over the brightness of day. Type: Psychic/Ghost Category: Moone Ability: Shadow Shield, which reduces the amount of damage the … Continue reading Lunala, #792 – Moone Pokémon

Solgaleo, #791 – Sunne Pokémon

It is said to live in another world. The intense light it radiates from the surface of its body can make the darkest of nights light up like midday. This Pokémon is said to be a male evolution of Cosmog. At the activation of its third eye, it departs for another world. Type: Psychic/Steel Category: Sunne … Continue reading Solgaleo, #791 – Sunne Pokémon