Niantic details new process for registering to get tickets to live Pokémon GO events, starting with Pokémon GO Fest 2019 Chicago

Niantic has detailed a new process for registering for live events in Pokémon GO. Read on below for all the details from the development team:

Registering for Live Events. This feature will be released when the Pokémon GO Fest Chicago ticket drawing starts.

Trainers can enjoy special content and social experiences around the world at major real-world events like Pokémon GO Fest and Pokémon GO Safari Zones. Attendance at these events is limited in order to maintain the best gameplay experience possible.  To attend one of these events, you will need to register for a ticket through our in-app ticketing system.

To give everyone a fair chance, Trainers must first enter into a drawing for a chance of purchasing tickets. After the drawing ends, randomly selected winners will then have 48 hours to complete registration and purchase tickets. This will be repeated in waves until all tickets have been sold.

Note: All event ticket sales are final. Refunds and transfers will not be accepted.

How to enter the drawing:

  1. Open the Pokémon GO app
  2. In Map View, touch the Main Menu 
  3. On the right side, touch the Events option 
  4. On the following page, all upcoming live events will be listed, starting with the soonest event at the top.
  5. Events that are open for drawing entries will be labeled as “Enter Drawing!”. Touch the event to start the drawing entry process.
  6. Confirm the email you would like to be contacted at and tap “Enter Drawing“. Make sure it is an email address that you can easily access. It does not need to match the email associated with your Pokémon GO game account, but each account can only submit one email address. You will not receive a confirmation email for entering the drawing.

Claiming tickets as a drawing winner:

Winners will receive a notification email if they are selected in a drawing. The email will also state your deadline to complete the purchase (listed in GMTtime), which will be 48 hours after being selected. Please check back on the in-app Events page frequently to see if you were selected, in case your email was bounced. You will not get an email if you were not selected.

  1. After receiving the email, return to the Events menu and touch the event that you won the drawing for. The following page will now show a “Claim Tickets” button. Use it to begin your registration.
  2. Choose the event date, time, and quantity of tickets that you would like to buy. Read the descriptions carefully to find the best choice for you, but note that you can only choose one date and ticket type for your entire order.
  3. Assign any extra tickets to other Trainers (see the next section).
  4. Review your order, agree to the Niantic Terms of Service, confirm you have read the Niantic Privacy Policy, and complete your payment (if necessary).
  5. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email. The Events page will also update with a “virtual ticket” and a button to view your order at any time.

IMPORTANT: Tickets are only usable by the Trainer accounts registered at this time. Tickets are not refundable or transferable to other accounts.

Reserving Tickets for other Trainers (for orders with 2+ tickets):

  1. Input the Trainer Nicknames of the friends that you would like to buy tickets for (one name per input box) and click “Add.” Make sure that the spelling is correct. You must be at least Great Friends (7 days of interaction) with the other Trainer.
  2. You must assign the entire quantity of tickets that you selected to eligible friends before you can proceed to payment. Because only one ticket type is allowed per order, your friends will all receive the same ticket type for the date and time you selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

It says that I already have a ticket but I didn’t buy one

It’s possible that one of your friends has already purchased a ticket on your behalf. You’ll see this ticket under the event details. If someone has already purchased a ticket for you, you won’t be able to purchase another one for yourself. However, you can still purchase tickets for others if selected from the drawing.

My friend already bought me a ticket but I was also selected from the drawing. Can I still purchase tickets for others?

You can still purchase tickets for others if you’re selected from the drawing. If you decide to not purchase tickets within the 48 hours, these will be reallocated to other players.

My payment failed

There are several reasons why a payment may fail:

  • Your bank may have incorrectly flagged the transaction as suspicious and prevented it from going through.
  • The card has expired.
  • The card number, expiration date, or CVV were entered incorrectly.
  • There are insufficient funds in your account.
  • If you are located outside of the US, some cards have restrictions on international payments.
  • Prepaid credit cards/gift cards might have restrictions on which transaction they allow.

If you experience an issue where your payment fails, please try entering your card details again or try using a different card. If you continue to have trouble, please contact your bank or financial institution.

Registering for events with a child account (Niantic Kids and Pokémon Trainer Club)

Minors are able to attend when accompanied by a parent or guardian. In order to purchase tickets, their parent or guardian must enter themselves into the drawing and reserve a ticket for themselves and for any children that will be attending. Keep in mind that everyone for whom the tickets are purchased for must have their own Pokémon GO account.

  1. The parent or guardian be logged into their Pokémon GO account.
  2. Enter the event drawing through the parent or guardian’s account by following the drawing instructions above.
  3. Monitor the parent or guardian’s email for a notification email indicating that they’ve won the chance to purchase event tickets.
  4. When selecting the event date and time, be sure to add additional tickets for each child account that will also be in attendance.
  5. Complete your ticket purchase by following the purchase instructions above, ensuring that the child’s Trainer Nickname is selected on the Friend selection screen (Note: Parent and child do not need to be Friends to select the child’s Trainer Nickname on the Friend selection screen).

Important notes:

  • The parent/guardian must have a Pokémon GO account in order to enter the drawing and be selected as a winner.
  • The email associated with the parent/guardian’s Pokémon GO account must match the parent/guardian’s email address on file with Niantic Kids/Pokémon Trainer Club.
  • When claiming tickets, the parent/guardian can input their child’s nickname on the friend selection screen, where the relationship will be validated. Attempts by any other account to register tickets for children will not be allowed.

Source: and Niantic Support @NianticSupport

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