Ash looks more worried than annoyed at Brock’s infatuation with yet another pretty girl

On the other hand, May, Max and Pikachu have seen enough.


One of the reasons Brock loves to cook is to impress and attract the ladies

Hopefully the extra attention doesn't distract him from his cooking.

Brock’s nostrils tend to get bigger and give off steam whenever he falls in love

This reaction is probably safer than when Brock erupts.

It’s always hard for Brock to say goodbye to his crushes

Even if they could care less about him.

Spinda tries to comfort Brock after a devastating heartbreak

It's hard for him to bounce back from a massive blow.

Being heartbroken hurts in so many ways for Brock

Especially when he realizes he has tough competition.

This blue-haired dreamy guy gives Brock some tough competition with the ladies

At least Brock has his unique eyes.