The journey ahead may be an uphill (Pokémon) battle

But it could be tackled with ease if your buddy is by your side.


Sometimes Brock has to forcibly pull Ash away from Pokémon battles he knows he can’t win

Brock tends to be more realistic when it comes to common sense.

Because everyone seems to be behind her, who in the world is angry Jessie scolding this time?

A million things could tick her off; it could have been the wind for all we know.

That feeling when you’re happy, shocked and scared all at the same time

Perhaps they spotted a rare yet frightening Ghost-type Pokémon.

It’s hard for James to get up after the large amount of food he just ate

Team Rocket's Meowth feels the same way.

Happy National Watermelon Day 2018 from Ash, Treecko and the rest of the gang

Spitting watermelon seeds is apparently a great way to learn the move Bullet Seed.

Ash and Pikachu act as if International Friendship Day is everyday

The importance of friendship has always been a primary theme in the world of Pokémon. There’s truly nothing like the close bond between a Pokémon and its Trainer, as demonstrated by Ash Ketchum and his irreplaceable Pikachu – who’ve been best friends for more than 20 years and counting. To all the friends in the Pokémon world and … Continue reading Ash and Pikachu act as if International Friendship Day is everyday

Judging by the size of his full belly, Team Rocket’s Meowth is one happy fat cat

He much rather feel this way over being depressed.

Ash’s Grovyle is apparently too cool to eat with everyone or anyone else

It much prefers to loaf around and mind its own business.

Happy International Kissing Day 2018 from the Kiss Pokémon, Smoochum

The Kiss Pokémon, Smoochum, is known to rock its head slowly backwards and forwards as if it is trying to kiss someone. It may very well let those kisses loose today, July 6, on International Kissing Day.