Dizzy eyes are not exactly a good look for Jessie

She probably prefers to have hearts as eyes.


Ash and Pikachu take part in Snorlax’s favorite pastime on National Napping Day 2018

Artist: Willow-San

James and Meowth have no clue as to why Jessie is displaying love-struck symptoms

Sometimes the best thing to do is to ignore her when she acts this way.

James’ naiveté leads him to getting swindled so many times by the shady Magikarp salesman

The poor boy can believe anything sometimes.

When Team Rocket says “make it double,” Jessie happily takes it literally

But James doesn't seem too pleased about that aspect.

Pikachu appears to be taking pleasure in poor Torkoal’s sobbing

Meanwhile, May and Max don't seem to know what to do about Ash's crying Pokémon.

Ash could be a great listener sometimes

Especially when he has nothing better to do.