When Ash gets angry, he’s not afraid to show it

Poor May has to deal with his mood.


Sometimes Ash gives May a physical push to show her where she’s supposed to be

Ash's gotta do what a Pokémon-Master-in-training's gotta do.

Jessie and James can’t seem to get over the feeling of being high

On the other hand, Meowth appears to be fully recovered and planning something devious.

Jessie, James and Meowth appear to really dig the feeling of being high

What was in those drinks?!

Team Rocket boss Giovanni apparently had the same exact face as a kid, wrinkles and all

At least his body was able to develop.

Pikachu seems more excited about Ash winning the Balance Badge

Ash looks determined to take on the next Gym Battle right then and there.

Norman doesn’t play games when he has his scolding face on

He has to explain to his weeping son why losing is just as important as winning.