Team Rocket’s boss Giovanni looks sad, happy and angry at the same time

He sure knows how to cry up a storm.


Team Rocket’s boss Giovanni knows how to cry up a storm

Could those possibly be tears of joy?

The blood across James’ face was applied via Meowth’s vicious Scratch attack

He sure looks like he's in great pain.

Jessie, James and Meowth can’t get enough of relaxation via natural hot springs

They almost love it as much as going after Ash's Pikachu.

No matter how hard he tries, Brock can’t contain himself in front of a pretty girl

This was his exact reaction to that purple-haired girl.

From Brock’s point of view, this purple-haired girl is all types of beauty

She doesn't appear to be pleased with Brock's over-the-top reaction.

Ash went all out with his crossdressing techniques to deceive this man

He even chose a wig that matched his face. Still, May would've been probably been better for the job.