Who would’ve thought Nuzleaf was another name for Beautifly?

Unless Nuzleaf did an amazing job of disguising itself as the Butterfly Pokémon.


Meowth doesn’t seem to mind carrying large bags of garbage

On the other hand, James doesn't look like he's having a good time.

May and Ash’s Bulbasaur are getting along quite nicely

But something else seems to be bothering May.

May and Bulbasaur choose each other

They are no longer unhappy.

How could you say no to Bulbasaur’s sad mug?

May shares a similar feeling.

May stares back at her soon-to-be Bulbasaur with a concerned look

Bulbasaur is worried that it won't be able to join May on her Pokémon journey.

May’s Bulbasaur has that worried look on its face

At least it has the support of its Pokémon friends Sunflora, Sunkern, Oddish, Gloom and Venusaur.