Jessie must’ve ate something really sour or she’s frightened to no extent

Either way, her shocked face is a sight to behold.


It’s safe to say Sullivan will be scarred for life after witnessing this incident

Poor Max, Ash and Pikachu appear to share the same exact sentiment.

Blasting off isn’t so bad for Jessie when she hugs her Seviper in the process

See how content she looks?

Jessie is so ruthless that she is happy to use Meowth as bait when fishing

She can do it with her eyes closed.

Jessie is furious at how this resilient Feebas doesn’t want to let go of her precious lock of hair

James and Meowth don't seem to care about how she was pulled into the water.

James and Meowth don’t seem to care about Jessie being pulled into the water by her hair

That darn Feebas is more resilient than it looks.

Jessie’s hair has the power to catch Feebas, but all she wants to do is flick it off

She's really annoyed at how it doesn't wanna let go.