It’s safe to say Sullivan will be scarred for life after witnessing this incident

Poor Max, Ash and Pikachu appear to share the same exact sentiment.


Brock, May and Max seem to be struggling while carrying these sticks

They're probably a lot heavier than they look.

Brock’s delicious sandwiches have the power to bring friends and foes together

Even if Meowth doesn't approve.

Brock, May, Max and Caroline all watch Ash’s battle against Norman with different faces on

It can be hard to watch when you're rooting for both sides.

Something tells me the match between Ash and Norman is going to be hot

It might have something to do with that fiery background.

Norman and Caroline couldn’t stop gazing into each other’s eyes when they were young

Nothing could separate them either.

Nothing could separate Norman and Caroline back then

Young love.