Happy National Siblings Day 2018!

May and Max from Pokémon the Series know the true value of siblingship. If they work together and have each other's backs, they can accomplish anything. You can always count on your true sister or brother. Happy National Siblings Day to all the siblings in the Pokémon world and anywhere else!


Pikachu appears to be taking pleasure in poor Torkoal’s sobbing

Meanwhile, May and Max don't seem to know what to do about Ash's crying Pokémon.

Pikachu and friends don’t get to sit at the table with Ash and the gang

This restaurant must have some sort of policy against Pokémon eating alongside humans.

Ash looks more worried than annoyed at Brock’s infatuation with yet another pretty girl

On the other hand, May, Max and Pikachu have seen enough.

It’s safe to say Sullivan will be scarred for life after witnessing this incident

Poor Max, Ash and Pikachu appear to share the same exact sentiment.

Brock, May and Max seem to be struggling while carrying these sticks

They're probably a lot heavier than they look.

Brock’s delicious sandwiches have the power to bring friends and foes together

Even if Meowth doesn't approve.